Supplies are due by the first day of school.

Please mark all the items below with child’s name:

Backpack/school bag

Pencil case with zipper – medium or large size. NO BOXES

24 - Crayola crayons

Crayola markers (Washable) – One box.

Crayola thin line markers. One box.

Crayola colored pencils – one box of 24

Scissors – Good cutting type for all year.

Protractor – 6th and 7th Grade only.

Pencils – #2 pencils or Mechanical, Pack of 24

Pencil sharpener – One manual sharpener with cover.

Quality Erasable pensBlue and/or black pens. Pack of 24.

Red marking pens – Five - Permanent.

Regular size Black sharpie, 2

Highlighters – Four pack.

White-out – NO LIQUID WHITE-OUT. Only hard white-out pens are acceptable for use on specified projects – not on assignments.

Glue bottle – One bottle.

Glue stick. One large glue sticks.

Book covers – Four jumbo size and one large size cloth book covers.

Index cards – 2 Packs of 100

Headphones or Earbuds

Notebooks – Four single-subject, wide-ruled, spiral notebooks.

Red (English) X 2 – store extra at home

Blue (Social Studies)

Green (Math) X 2 – store extra at home

Yellow (Science)

Two other colors (Religion and Literature)

Two pocket folders – to match notebooks or optional accordion folder with 6 dividers

Red (English)

Blue (Social Studies)

Green (Math)

Yellow (Science)

Two other colors (Religion and Literature)

Loose leaf paper – Wide-ruled only. 4 Packs.

Thesaurus (Dictionary format)

Disinfectant wipes (eg. Clorox) – Two canisters. One in August and one in January. NOT HAND WIPES

Paper towels – Two rolls.

Kleenex – Two boxes.