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The student will:

  1. classify sentences according to their types and create various types of sentences
  2. apply simple and complete subjects and predicates, and combine sentences in their writing
  3. analyze and apply nouns to their own writing
  4. analyze and apply verbs to their own writing
  5. distinguish adjectives from adverbs.
  6. form and use comparative and superlative adjectives correctly
  7. analyze pronouns and apply them in sentences and paragraphs
  8. identify proper usage of colons and hyphens in writing
  9. identify adverbs, prepositions, and interjections, and apply to their writing
  10. utilize all steps of the writing process collaboratively with peers
  11. independent use of technology for writing and research


The students will:

  1. write whole numbers to billions and decimals to thousandths, write numbers in expanded form, order numbers from greatest to least and least to greatest, and round whole numbers
  2. add and subtract up to 6 digits and decimals with regrouping and estimate sums and differences
  3. multiply up to 3 digit times 3 digit whole numbers, multiply money, and estimate products
  4. divide up to 6 digit by 2 digit whole numbers with remainders, divide money, and estimate quotients
  5. identify prime and composite numbers, identify greatest common factors, identify least common multiple, identify least common denominator
  6. write mixed numbers and compare and order fractions
  7. solve word problems




The student will:

  1. analyze story and literary styles
  2. read for comprehension and fluency with independence
  3. make inferences based on given information, previous knowledge, and “reading between the lines”
  4. identify author’s purpose for writing:  inform, entertain, persuade
  5. identify genre
  6. apply comprehension skills by drawing conclusions using text clues and making generalizations
  7. apply vocabulary strategies using context clues, word parts, and dictionary skills.
  8. identify word parts:  prefixes, suffixes, and base words
  9. apply rules of syllabication
  10. correctly use toolbars, links, and search engines from internet, correctly use resources for library and media centers


The student will:

  1. demonstrate an understanding that Jesus shares His life with us by inviting people to follow Him and that disciples continue His work
  2. explain the Liturgical Year in terms of the life of Christ
  3. describe the celebration of the seven sacraments and identify the sacraments in terms of Initiation, Healing, and Service
  4. explore the Mass in terms of Introductory Rites, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist, and the Concluding Rite
  5. identify Mary as first disciple, blessed, and greatest saint
  6. develop a prayer life using sacramentals, special practices, and popular devotions
  7. identify and express the Church as Catholic and apostolic, respecting all people, respecting life, and working for justice and peace
  8. reflect on Scripture relating to the topics mentioned above

The student will:

1.      describe the freshwater cycle on Earth

2.      identify characteristics of Earth’s oceans

3.      explain how the sun’s energy affects the Earth’s atmosphere

4.      explain how meteorologists predict weather

5.      identify factors that affect Earth’s climate

6.      identify properties of waves

7.      determine pitch and loudness of sound

8.      identify kinds of waves that make up the electromagnetic spectrum

9.      explain how light interacts with matter

10.   use PowerPoint to supplement the material



The student will:

  1. describe how people interact with landforms, natural resources, and regions of the United States
  2. describe Ancient Americans, and American Indians of the West, Southwest, the Plains, and the East
  3. discuss world travel and trade between Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas from 1200s to 1700s
  4. describe European exploration and settlement of North America
  5. introduce the thirteen colonies
  6. explain founding of the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies
  7. use the textbook website to assist with skills taught above