St. Ferdinand Catholic School is involved in several ongoing fundraising effort:

·          Individual Donations: Families or individuals who wish to make a donation to the school are encouraged to contact the school office. Monetary donations are gratefully accepted. Donations of items or supplies are accepted pending the school's needs.

·     Matching Gift Program:  If your employer, or the company you have retired from, offers a matching gift program, we encourage you to name our school as the recipient of your contribution.  For additional information regarding this program, please contact Mrs. Wilcox in the School Office (314-921-2201).

·     “Together We’re Better” Scrip Program:  You can purchase scrip gift cards or certificates through the parish rectory, after each mass on Saturday evening and Sunday morning, or online.  Scrip merchants make a monetary contribution to the parish to assist with many school programs.  Parents of school or PSR students can use the contribution to offset tuition fees.  An agreement form is necessary in order to participate in the rebate program, and this form can be obtained from the rectory or after mass.  Go to for more information on the merchants and the rebate percentages available.  To utilize the online scrip purchase option, one must also complete the setup process as explained in the online purchase of scrip process.doc file available here.

·     Recyclables

o   Box Tops for Education, Original Ink Jet Cartridges, and Aluminum Can Tabs are collected and sent in for reimbursement throughout the year.  Items can be dropped at the school office or the H&S basket in the Church entrance area.  The proceeds from this assist with the activities funded through the Home and School Organization.

o   Paper, Aluminum Can, and Clothing bins are located on the parish parking lot.  Families may contribute these items throughout the year.   Financial support for the church is no longer provided by the recycling company for these items.


·     Shoparoo:  Raise money for the school through the Home and School organization by scanning store receipts through the Home and School organization.  It’s that simple!  Download smartphone app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, link to St. Ferdinand School as your organization.

·  Access numerous online merchant websites through, and St. Ferdinand School receives a rebate %.  Link your account to School ID# 118893 for donations to St. Ferdinand School.

·     Amazon Smile:  Link your Amazon account through the Amazon Smile website to St. Ferdinand Catholic Church (Florissant).  Login through Amazon Smile when making purchases, and Amazon makes a monetary contribution to the parish which assists with many school programs.  You can even use with your Amazon Prime benefits.

·     Schnucks Community Card:  Stop by the Schnucks Service counter and ask for a Community Card, register the card online at, and link it to St. Ferdinand Church and School. Provide your card with each purchase at Schnucks, and a percentage of your purchases goes to St. Ferdinand Parish to provide funds to assist with school programs.

Note that all these fundraising methods can be used by family and friends, so get the word out!

Our Home and School Association also sponsors various fundraising efforts throughout the school year:

  • Fall Fundraiser takes place in October and/or November and the funds raised through this program are used to meet the direct needs of the school for equipment and supplies.

  • Trivia Night takes place in the middle of the school year and the funds raised through this program are used to support the programs sponsored by Home and School.

  • Parish Picnic is a parish wide fundraising and community building activity. This is held in May and funds generated for the school are used to support the programs sponsored by Home and School.


If you have any questions, please contact the School Office or one of the Home and School officers.