Learning Consultants - Mrs. Eckenrodt and Mrs. Askew

 Contact Information
Email -   seckenrodt@stferdinandstl.org        Phone - 314.921.2201  ext.
              taskew@stferdinandstl.org               Phone - 314.921.2201  ext. 341

                Mrs. Askew

Our program offers assistance to students who experience difficulty with a particular concept or skill or who are struggling academically. Mrs. Eckenrodt will be working with our primary students and Mrs. Askew will be assisting the Fourth through Eighth grade students. Various learning strategies and techniques are presented to students so that they are able to improve their school performance and experience a sense of achievement and success.


Depending upon the need, some students are helped individually while others are given support in a small group setting.  At other times, students are worked within their classroom. In these situations, students are monitored while the teacher is presenting the instruction, and additional assistance is given to students as they need it.


All students are encouraged to develop a positive attitude toward learning so that they will have confidence in their ability to become independent learners. It is hoped that eventually, they will be capable of monitoring their own progress.


In this positive learning environment, most students are able to accomplish their grade level work. Some students have achieved honor roll grades after receiving support in the Resource classes.


It is our hope that all children can find success and enjoy a wonderful academic year.