Music (4-8) and Technology - Mrs. Mircsov
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Our Spring Program is on April 10, 2019 at 7 pm.  The fourth through eighth grades will be performing the musical "Summer Camp" by John Jacobson.  They have been working hard learning the speaking parts, songs and dances.  The students have also been working on props for the stage.

In computer the students our learning about writing a research paper and how to site their resources.  Our third graders are working on Google Tour Builder as they are researching different habitats.  Kindergarten is still working hard learning the keyboard so they can be more efficient when using their computers.

Google Presentation

Our Eighth Grade created some inspirational posters.

All of the students participated in the Hour of Code!



For any parents interested in having access to Google Classroom for your child, please contact me through FastDirect with your email and I can add you as a parent in the classroom.  You will then be notified of any late or missing work your child has.  You also will be able to see what they are doing in their classes through Google Classroom.  If you are interested in seeing what your child is doing in Accelerated Reading again let me know through FastDirect and I can set up an account for that.

I will be teaching Music 4 - 8 this year.  They will be participating in the Spring Program.  This is our first year that Music will be offered twice a week for the students.  I am very excited about this opportunity with the students.  I also teach private piano lessons after school.  If you are interested please contact me.

I also will be teaching technology to Preschool - 8.  We are a Google School and the students will be learning about technology that they will be able to carry over to their other classes so that they can become more creators and innovators in their education.  In all grades, we learn some coding with the primary grades the very basic and then advancing through the grades.

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Parents may log in to this site to check the progress of their child in Accelerated Reader.  If you would like access to this site please email me for log in information. 








Wish List

 Subscription for Tynker so that the students could have more experience in coding.

I have a wish list on, for my music program.  By clicking on the Wish List Star in the upper right-hand corner you can view my wish list.

Thank you in advance for helping support our school.