3R - Mrs. Siesener

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Contact Information
Phone - 314.921.2201  ext. 345

Welcome to All Saints Academy. My name is Mrs. Siesener and I am thrilled to begin this school year. A new
school, new uniforms, new students, along with the core educational subjects, excite me. Our theme is “empowering our community through faith, academics, and service”. Thank you for entrusting your precious children to me. I will do my best to make school a safe, learning environment, where Christ is in the center.

I am looking forward to our first day of school. Seeing   so many of my students and parents at Sneak a Peek   was appreciated. Thank you for taking time out of      your schedule to meet me and see the classroom. The smiles on the children’s faces and being able to talk with the parents and students sets a great opening school year. 

Mrs. Siesener's Resources

Home Connect is for Students to check their progress at home in Accelerated Reader.  Student log in information from school is needed to access this site.
Parent log in page for Accelerated 
Reader.  This site gives parents information on their child's progress in the program. If you would like access to this site please email your teacher for log in information.


AAAMATH is a wonderful site for the students to practice their multiplication facts. There is a one-minute timer. The students have been practicing on this site. Their high scores for the day are recorded as quiz grades. Please encourage your child to practice this site daily so they can recall their facts quickly. The quicker they recall the basic multiplication facts, the easier fourth-grade math will be.


The students took the Star Reading test and are taking AR quizzes. We visit the library every week. All the students check out books. Your child needs to be reading a book and preparing for an AR test. Class time is given for silent reading, however, the students are expected to read nightly. This is a reading quiz grade so it needs to be taken seriously. The students should try to score 85% or higher on the AR test.


The students are online with the reading and math series. They have been given usernames and passwords. Please encourage them to practice skills on these sites. This is a great way to review. There are explanations for skills and activities to review skills on these sites. I can't stress enough the importance of using these sites.

Here are the websites: 
Math: www.aaamath.com 

Wish List

  • Stickers, stamp pad with stamps
  • Magnets to hang things in classroom
  • Decks of playing cards or UNO games
  • Dice
  • Treats for special rewards
  • Zip-Lock bags -  gallon and quart size
  • Teacher chair