3 Primary Grades

Our Primary Classes consist of Grades First, Second, and Third. Our students in these grades have Computer, Spanish, and Art once a week for a 45 minute class period.  PE and Music are both twice a week for a 45 minute class period. We have a set of chromebooks in the Primary Building that these teachers utilize daily in their classes.  Each classroom is equipped with a Promethean Board and classroom computers.   

Our Primary Grades participate in the Accelerated Reader Program.   This gives both parents and students access to information at home with login information.  Students can also check at home for books that have Accelerated Reader test through the AR Book Finder website.  All of these links may be found on the teacher's individual pages. 

All of our classrooms use Google Classroom.  All students have accounts on Google but do not have access to an email.  They use their email only to access Google Classroom and other G-Suite Apps.

Listed below are our teachers.  Click on the teacher's names to go to their individual page.  Scroll down to see pictures of our classrooms.
Primary Halls