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6M - Mrs. Agathen

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Seventh Graders have been studying DNA and used licorice and marshmallows to construct their own double helix DNA models.  They concluded the unit with a crime scene where they had to play detectives and use what they know about DNA to solve the case.

Sixth graders participated in a STEM challenge where they had to figure out how to "Save Fred" the gummy worm.

We have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather and taking our literature class outdoors!  Students really enjoyed performing their drama unit outside.

Middle School Science is observing the stages of the life cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly.  All five of our caterpillars are currently in the chrysalis or pupa stage.

Students created 1st generation "Monsters" using certain homozygous traits.  They listed the genotype and phenotype then were paired up to create a "baby" monster.  They had to work together to create punnet squares that determined what their "baby" monster would look like.  We celebrated with cupcakes and even had a cutest and ugliest baby contest.





8th Grade

Seventh and Eighth Grade
Scientist from MilliporeSigma  came and spent some time with  our 7th and 8th graders.  The 7th graders did a DNA lab and the 8th graders did a chemiluminescience lab.

7th grade using the Scratch Program on the chromebooks to program sound boards.  They used the makey-makey and applied what they learned about electricity to make their own operation games.



Wish List

  • 1.5v-3v motors (small)

  • Size D Batteries

  • Metric Tape Measures

  • Stop Watches

  • STEM Kits

  • Lego Robotics Kits

  • Literature Sets for the class (sets of 5 or 6 books)

  • 3D Printer……(in my dreams!)