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The Sacrament of Marriage, is available by setting up an appointment with one of the parish priests.  Please call the rectory at 314-837-3165.  
There is much involved in the process and preparation so do not wait till the last minute.  Please bring your sacramental history with you.  It helps!!!

Annulments, If you are seeking an annulment you will also need to set up an appointment with a priest, please call the number listed above in order to set up an appointment to begin the process.  Please bring your marriage informations, divorce decree, sacramental history, and any other info associated with your previous marriage or marriages.

Marriage Counseling, If you would like to meet with a priest or receive some assistance in finding adequate counselling, please call the rectory to set up a time to meet with the priest.  If we cannot assist you ourselves, we will do our best to help you find the assistance you need.