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Health Ministry

The Health Ministry program is overseen by Michelle Ritter, RN, the parish nurse.  Jesus has called His church to preach, to teach, and to heal.  The parish nurse works with the clergy and the congregation to achieve a holistic approach to wellness,

The role of the parish nurse is multifaceted and includes serving as health educator, health counselor, advocate and referral source.  The parish nurse works with the church health cabinet to plan group activities such as support groups, education classes, and health screenings.  The parish nurse is a bridge between the congregation, the clergy, the medical professionals and the surrounding community.  Our health ministry includes: rides for shut-ins, home visits, resource and education, senior health and social issues, grief ministry and work with the various groups within our parish to promote spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

The Health Ministry offers the following classes/groups: The Light Weigh (a spiritually-based weight loss support group), RA and Autoimmune Support Group (an educational and support group for those suffering with RA and any autoimmune disease), Yoga Classes, Exerstart (a senior exercise group), Wii League for seniors, Chronic Disease Self Management Class, Children's Mental health Classes, and much more.