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SVDP Donation Opportunities

Serving with a spirit of justice, charity, and respect,
 the Society helps those in need within our community 
with food, utility bills, rent, and other life necessities. 
 Your contribution will help the 
St. Ferdinand-St. Vincent de Paul Society carry out their mission.

Ways you can help the St. Ferdinand Conference of St. Vincent de Paul
  1. Be a Vincentian in Prayer (VIP) - Prayer is a vital aspect of the work we do to assist those in need. Prayer guides us. Prayer sustains us. Prayer leads us to trust in Divine Providence. Prayer keeps us focused on how we are called to build community with our clients and how to assist with their needs.
  2. Become a member of St. Vincent de Paul - There are many ways in which you can help.  Just call 314-289-6101, ext 2216, and leave a message.  A vincentian will call you back.
  3. Make a donation to our Conference
    1. Log in to St. Ferdinand's Online Giving to make a donation to the St. Vincent de Paul account - or -
    2. Donate by check, addressed to St. Ferdinand St. Vincent de Paul.  Drop in the collection basket or mail/deliver to the Parish Office at 1765 Charbonier Rd, Florissant, MO 63031
    3. Donations can be made in memory of a deceased loved one, or for many other causes.
    4. Our annual diaper drive benefits families we serve.  To donate diapers or wipes any other time of the year, please call 289-6101, ext 2216.
  4. Donate used items in the blue Collection Bin outside the Parish School and Gym.  Funds for these donations are given to the St. Ferdinand Conference, which help Neighbors in Need with utilities. 
  5. Donate larger items to any St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, and/or shop at these stores. These help raise funds for our Council Office which in turn offers assistance to our conference through programs like the Bed Program, Auto Purchase program, the Rx Program, and to help those suffering the effects of COVID-19.
  6. Volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores.  Our Conference can receive credits for every volunteer hour.

"Charity is the cement that unites communities to God and individuals to each other
so that he who contributes to the union of hearts in a community
binds it indissolubly to God."
--St. Vincent de Paul