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Parish Council

A parish council represents the first channel of communication available to link a parish to the larger church.  Using our Mission Statement as a guide, the parish council strives to bring our parish family closer together for our common purpose while recognizing and respecting our individual differences.  Our parish council currently consists of the chairperson and co-chairperson, pastor and associate pastors, religious representative, deacon, deanery representative, a secretary, and seven commission chairpersons.  These commissions serve the parish by linking organizations and aspects of our parish together with a common focus.  Our commissions currently include Liturgy/Worship, Christian Service, Adult Quality of Life, Youth Quality of Life, Evangelization, Christian Education and Administration/Finance.

Each commission holds a quarterly meeting of representatives from organizations within the commission, as well as any interested parishioners, to discuss problems and concerns of our parish family.  The commission chair brings these concerns to the parish council at our monthly meetings.  The council then may discuss issues, propose possible solutions, obtain help from outside the parish or investigate further, by inviting concerned parishioners to a council meeting.

Our parish council was installed in November 1993.  We currently meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:45 pm.  Open council meetings will be scheduled several times per year, and will be announced in the bulletin.  Commissions meet quarterly, and will be announced in the bulletin.  Commission meetings are open to the parish.  Our parish family members should feel free to contact any parish council member with concerns or problems.