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Christ Together in Our Neighborhood

This ministry is designed to help special needs youth grow in their Catholic faith as fully participating members in their church.  The ministry aims to support special needs young adults in all aspects of their spiritual growth including: worshiping, learning about Scripture, experiencing fellowship, praying, and serving others.  The ministry strives to have special needs youth connected as much as possible to other members in their church as they seek to grow in their spiritual lives (rather than providing a program that is distinctly separate from the rest of church life).  These goals are accomplished by developing a supportive faith-based social network.  We strive to support the families of these special young adults through prayer, fellowship, education and respite programs.  The ACTION group is surrounded by a group of special friends who help to carry out the plan. Debbie Henderson is the facilitators for this group.  Any questions please call the Parish Office.
Luke 14:13-14 "All are invited to be a part of God's family."